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Hendor – Pumps and Filtration Equipment

Hendor started manufacturing pumps and filters in 1948 and since that date have gained an enviable reputation of supplying extremely high quality products at competitive pricing.  The product range includes:

Vertical Sealless Pumps (Sump Pumps)

  • Constructed from Polypropylene, NPP, and PVDF,
  • Terminating in +GF+ Unions
  • PP Motor parts for maximum chemical resistance
  • 316SS models for solvent and the most aggressive cleaning applications
  • Self re-priming
  • No seals or bearings therefore can run dry safely without damage
  • Motors finished with Two Pack Epoxy for superior corrosion resistance and over size bearings.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

  • Sealless
  • Terminate in +GF+ Unions
  • PP Motor parts for maximum chemical resistance
  • Constructed from Polypropylene and PVDF
  • Available with Union or Flanged or hose connections

Filter Chambers

  • Cartridge or Bag Type
  • Terminate in +GF+ Unions
  • Constructed from Polypropylene, PVDF, or 316SS
  • Sizes range from 1 x 10” cartridge to 36 x 20” cartridges
  • Also available with standard Single or Double Length Filter Bags
  • Compact and Robust construction

Filtration Systems

  • Flowrates from 1000 to 70,000 l/h.
  • Vertical or Magnetic Pump arrangements
  • Cartridges, Disc, or Bag Filtration.

Hendor is continually striving to improve the product range making it more user friendly for the operator, with more options to exactly tailor a product to suit a customer’s specific needs; and continually improve its manufacturing capabilities to ensure all our products are price competitive.

We are proud of our reputation for supplying extremely high quality products. Our customers can be found in the GMF Industry, pcb manufacturers, Connectors, Aerospace and Chemical industries, government establishments, and F1 constructors.

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Plating Electronic Logo

Plating Electronic – DC Switch Mode & Pulse Reverse Power Supplies

Plating Electronic have been manufacturing DC Switch Mode Rectifiers since 1987 and are widely acknowledged as one of the worlds leading developers and manufacturers of this technology to the Electroplating and Surface Treatment Industries

Switch Mode Technology is widely acknowledged as the future of Plating Rectification.

The benefits of Switch Mode versus conventional SCR Thyristor rectifiers is as follows:-

  • Switch Mode are much more efficient, generally greater than 95%, SCR range from 10% to 85%
  • Switch Mode are much more compact, on average 30% smaller and 50% lighter
  • Switch Mode have output ripples less than 1%
  • Maintenance Friendly, water cooled units even maintenance free

We can supply rectifiers in all styles of casings from Stainless Steel Modules, Bench Top Units, 19” Racks which can be stacked, to full scale cabinets either Air or Water Cooled for the most aggressive of environments and temperature ranges.

Outputs range from the very small 2 – 3V / 50mA to large cabinets with outputs in excess of 30,000A for the very large jobs in finishing. We have in the past supplied very special large pulse plating units with outputs of 900Volts.

To conclude, we at Hendor-pe are capable of supplying all of your Rectifier requirements from small In-House or sub contract electroplater to OEM and large aerospace or automotive applications.

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Scandymet logo

Scandymet – Immersion Heaters

Scandymet is the Swedish manufacturer of high quality immersion heaters, controllers and accessories specifically designed for the Metal Finishing Industry. Constructed from a wide range of materials for every solution and temperature including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Quartz Glass, PVDF and Teflon/PFA, Hendor-pe are the exclusive UK distributor for Scandymet – a world leading manufacturer.

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Drum & Container Pumps

Drum & Container Pumps

Hendor-pe can supply from stock a wide range of PP / PVDF and Stainless Steel Pump tubes, along with a range of motors to suit from the low cost general motor, to the high performance flameproof motor.

Many parts are interchangeable with other manufacturer’s pumps including pump tubes and motors.

We can supply Drum pumps with electric or air driven motors, speed controllers, low voltage release, even a mixing tube with the option of complete drum emptying

Drum pump sets – consisting of a drum pump/motor, 2m resistant hose, a nozzle for a safe and easy transfer and a wall bracket for storage

PCB Ancillaries

PCB Ancillaries

Hendor-pe supplies from stock a wide range of pcb wet processing ancillary products including scrubbing brushes, VAM – Mock Chamois, Cotton Sleeving, Abrasive Pads

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